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Buying a boat can be exciting and challenging at the same time. As we fall in love with what may be our new pride and joy on the water, it is very important to verify the integrity and safety of the vessel. That’s why it’s imperative to have an independent objective set of eyes to evaluate the boat. Having a survey can avoid heartbreak and big dollar repair bills. Even marine surveyors will have another surveyor perform a survey on their boat for this reason.

A pre-purchase survey, also referred to as a Condition and Valuation Survey, is a detailed stem to stern inspection of the boat’s structural integrity, electrical systems, propulsion machinery and fuel systems, navigational equipment, electronics, overall maintenance and safety equipment. Inspections by a SAMS® surveyor such as Southern Shores Marine Surveying are per American Boat and Yacht Council standards and U.S. Coast Guard regulations.

Financial institutions and insurance companies often require a SAMS® survey, but more importantly the survey is to protect the new owner’s investment and the safety of the passengers and crew.

Insurance Survey

Insurance companies require marine surveys to determine if the vessel is an acceptable insurance risk and to determine the vessels value. Not as detailed as a pre-purchase survey, the insurance survey documents the structural integrity and safety for the intended use of the boat. The owner must determine from the insurance company if a haul out is required for a bottom inspection and any other requirements to make sure that the survey is complete and meets the insurance company requirements.

Custom Surveys

Do you have concerns about your boat? Are you thinking of selling? Or are you interested in keeping your boat up to date for current standards and safety requirements? Surveys can be customized to meet your needs. Work lists and custom surveys are performed per your requirements on an affordable hourly rate. This is a great way to find potential problems before they can be become costly or safety issues or just to re-assure the owner about their concerns.

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Southern Shores Marine Surveying, LLC provides customized professional services to power boaters and sailors.

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